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Chris Eubank Jr tells Conor Benn to embrace bad boy status

Chris Eubank Jr tells Conor Benn to embrace bad boy status

Chris Eubank Jr has challenged Conor Benn to embrace his villain status.

The two fighters had been due to clash last October but the bout was scrapped after Benn tested positive for a banned substance.

Benn has since relinquished his boxing license and is hoping to clear his name so he can return to the ring but Eubank Jr has told his rival to prepare to be the bad guy of the sport.

In a social media video, Eubank Jr said: "You’re going to have to be the bad guy now.

"You’re going to have to be what I was for 10 years. You’re gonna have to accept being booed into arenas. You’re gonna have to accept being trolled on a daily basis. You’re going to have to come to terms with that and embrace it.

"You’re still gonna make money. People are still gonna watch you fight. You’re just not gonna be the golden child that you were built up to be. And that’s OK. Not everybody can be the good guy. I learned that very early on in my career. So we’ll see. Will the fight happen at some point? It’s likely. A year, 10 years, from now, eventually we will fight. But the main thing is that you man up and you do the right thing. That’s all I can say."

Eubank Jr called on Benn to stop making excuses and apologise to boxing fans for his conduct.

He said: "It’s boring. No one gives a s***. Sorry. An apology is all that you need to give to the fans. Not even to me. I’ll be OK. The people that bought tickets, the people that travelled, the people that paid money, that you let down. They deserve an apology. Not, ‘Oh, I’m gonna prove my innocence after failing two drugs tests.’

"The only way that you could prove your innocence is if there’s some video out there of you being pinned down by multiple males and getting jabbed in the a** with some type of syringe while you’re kicking and screaming and crying, saying, ‘Stop it!’ That is the only thing that could get you out of this situation, get you off the hook. Nothing else is gonna cut it. Sorry."

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