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Travel in your own city

Travelling in our own city can be good for our mental health.

A recent study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, revealed that people who explore their own city on a regular basis are much happier.

It provides a much needed boost for those who can't head abroad due to the current lockdown and quarantine rules amidst the current coronavirus pandemic.

Aaron Heller, co-author of the study and psychologist at the University of Miami, said: "New and varied experiences are broadly beneficial for the brain and for humans in general. Even if you may not tend towards exploring, there are probably benefits to doing so, regardless of your past experiences."

Co-author Catherine Hartley added: "We find that if I feel better today, I'm likely to move around and have more novel experiences and have more experiential diversity the following day, and vice versa. If I have more novel and diverse experiences today, I'm likely to feel better not only today but the next day."

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