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Cruising may not return until mid 2021?

Cruising may not return until mid 2021.

British cruise line Cunard have decided to continue their pause in operations until at least May 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic, with a string of cruises pushed back.

The Queen Mary 2, the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria were all due to set sail from Southampton from as early as March 25, 2021 but now cruises before May 17 have been cancelled.

Those who had bookings between March and May are being offered cruise credit worth 125 per cent of what they have already paid to be used against another voyage.

Cunard president, Simon Palethorpe, said: "Our extension to the pause in operations is the result of the ongoing restrictions on cruising in the UK and around the world. The significant lead times [that cruising requires] to return to service, once those restrictions are lifted."

And people will no doubt be keen for cruises to restart as a recent study revealed that cruises are better than other holidays for your wellbeing.

Scientists at the University of China have revealed that those travellers who opt to set sail for their holidays see the most benefits to their post-holiday mood for up to six months afterwards.

The abstract of the study, published in International Journal of Tourism Research, reads: "Our results identified 3 dimensions of cruise experience, namely, emotional experience, relational experience, and thinking experience. In the short term, happiness from cruise travel is created mainly through emotional and relational experiences. The long‐term effect of cruising travel is largely derived from thinking experience. Theoretical and management implications were discussed."

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