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Contactless travelling

Over three quarters of people would prefer to visit countries which allow contactless travelling.

A study - jointly conducted by Blackbox Research, data provider Dynata, and language partner Language Connect - revealed that 76 per cent of people would want to travel somewhere that allows for the least person-to-person contact.

E-boarding passes are popular suggestions with travellers, whilst two fifths of those surveyed wanted contactless journeys from airports to hotels.

And when it comes to where people want to travel during this "new normal", India and Thailand are the most popular, with China (69), Indonesia (65), and Singapore (64) all above the global average of 61. In Europe, France, Germany, and Denmark rated above the average, too.

Elsewhere, Japan was lowest at 40, followed by the Philippines (43) and Hong Kong (50). Sweden, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the USA are also lower than the average.

And in comparison to before the coronavirus lockdown, China, Italy, and the United States saw the most change in their level of appeal to new tourists.

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