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Nearly two thirds of Americans plan to travel this autumn

Nearly two thirds of Americans plan to travel this autumn.

A study by Tripadvisor has revealed that 65 per cent of travellers are keen to travel around the United States in the next couple of months, and of those, nearly four fifths (79 per cent) will head away in September.

It is outdoor adventures that are the most popular, with 61 per cent of those surveyed revealing they are considering nature trips during their holiday break, whilst over half (54 per cent) are looking at heading on road trips now.

And coronavirus is certainly on people's minds still, with over two thirds (68 per cent) of people insisting safety and cleanliness is the most important when travelling.

Christopher Hsi, Tripadvisor Consumer Market Research Lead Analyst, said: "Among all of the disruption and restrictions this year, 76 percent of U.S. travellers continue to say that travel is important to them, even if they can't experience the world like they used to ... The pandemic has forced travellers to be creative and explore new destinations in ways they may not have considered previously. This fall, we're seeing a rise in destinations where travellers can relax and rejuvenate, as opposed to the busy hustle and bustle of popular cities."

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