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Lisbon is cleanest capital in Europe

Lisbon has been named the cleanest capital city in Europe.

Portugal's capital came out on top in a study by, which used cleanliness ratings on Airbnb, and TripAdvisor to determine which capital cities in Europe were home to the cleanest hotel rooms across the continent.

Lisbon had an average of 4.79 stars, with comments about the rooms there including "rooms felt clean and well cared for" and "very very clean". It received the top ratings on Airbnb at 4.89 stars, whilst it ranked highly on TripAdvisor too with 4.87 stars across the board.

Meanwhile, Prague came in second with an average of 4.74 stars. The capital of Czech Republic received 4.87 stars for its Airbnbs whilst Berlin, Germany made the top 10 as well as the likes of Athens, Greece and Budapest, Hungary. Zagreb, Croatia found itself ranking highly.

Surprisingly, TripAdvisor bucked the trend on other platforms - Airbnb and - and saw Paris, France rate highly for cleanliness with 4.88 stars.

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