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Virtual travel surged during coronavirus pandemic

Virtual travel has surged during the coronavirus pandemic.

As soon as lockdowns came into force in the early months of 2020, Google searches for terms such as virtual travel, virtual tourism, VR travel, virtual reality tours and virtual reality travel skyrocketed over the period of quarantine. It doubled from 8,981 searches per month in February 2020 to 21,298 in March 2020. This continued to be double than the previous year.'s Eliza Buglar wrote: "It’s not altogether surprising what searches jumped in March 2020. That month saw many countries implement stay-at-home advice and restrictions and by March most of the world was under some form of stay-at-home order."

And when it came to virtual travel, there was a peak in these searches in April for internet users in the United States whilst it also steadily climbed in the UK throughout the first lockdown.

Virtual reality tours saw a huge increase too as the lockdown progressed, with searches per month for the term going from 775 in February 2020 to a huge 4,562 searches in March.

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