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Travellers want vaccinations before holidays

Travellers want the "vast majority of people" to be vaccinated before heading on holiday.

A new study by Airbnb has revealed that 32 per cent of people are keen that people have the COVID-19 vaccine in their destination country before they head abroad, with another third (30 per cent) still expecting testing to be available widely at the location.

Airbnb co-founder and CEO, Brian Chesky, said: "Americans are telling us they actually are planning to travel this year. But something's going to be different about how they travel. They want to get in cars and travel within a tank of gas, about 200 miles, typically staying in small communities with their friends and family. I think [we’ll see] a shift from mass travel to meaningful travel ... Vaccinations are going to be critical. Two of the top reasons people want to get vaccinated are because they want to see their friends and family and be safe, and they want to travel and be safe."

And when it comes to business travel, over a third (36 per cent) of people except to travel less for work when the coronavirus pandemic is over, with only 6 per cent of people admitting to missing business travel.

Chesky added: "I don't think that business travel is coming back the way it was. It doesn't mean business travel’s not coming back, just that I think people are going to rethink getting on a plane for a meeting."

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