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Lego is top souvenir brought home from Denmark

Lego is the top souvenir brought home from Denmark.

A new report by Club Med has revealed some of the gifts tourists take home when they visit different countries, with those travelling to Denmark taking home the popular bricks whilst those who go to New Zealand like to bring home the One Ring, a nod to the 'Lord of the Rings', which was mostly filmed in the country.

Seashells are also a popular souvenir from a number of countries including The Bahamas, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

They write in their report: "Surprisingly, Denmark’s top souvenir is Lego. Whilst the plastic bricks may seem an unusual choice, they were invented by a Danish carpenter back in the 1930s and are reported as being much cheaper in its country of origin. New Zealand’s most popular souvenir is also a nod to pop culture, with The One Ring (the object of desire throughout the Lord of The Rings trilogy) being the top choice for tourists, as the entire trilogy was filmed there ... What better keepsake to take home than a piece of paradise itself? Seashells are highly popular as they’re cheap, easy to fit in luggage and lovely to look at. We discovered that The Bahamas, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis all have seashells and items made of shells as their top souvenir."

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