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Lockdown language learning for travel in 2021

Nearly two thirds of Americans learned a language in lockdown to travel.

Babbel - the language learning app and e-learning platform - have revealed that 63 per cent of those who used the coronavirus pandemic lockdown to learn a language did so because they wanted to head abroad over the coming months.

Spanish is the most learned language for US residents, understandably because of its neighbours in Mexico as well as the nearby Central and South America.

Julie Hansen, CEO of Babbel USA, said: "While we’ve seen an overall increase in the number of people taking up language learning throughout the pandemic, our most popular languages have stayed steady. Close to two-thirds of Babbel's learners in the US study Spanish, the language spoken by our closest neighbours and approximately 12 per cent of the US population. Spanish has been the most studied language in the US for more than 50 years ... The steady popularity of French, German, and Italian language courses suggests that many grounded travellers are still dreaming of those big trips to the European continent when travel is allowed."

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