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Unvaccinated Americans are less worried about travelling

Unvaccinated Americans are less worried about travelling.

A new study has revealed that those who don't have their coronavirus jab are less worried about heading away on holiday, compared to those who have already received the vaccine.

Over two thirds (67 per cent) of those vaccinated said they would not travel until the end of May, compared to just 59 per cent of Americans who are yet to be vaccinated.

Neej Gore, Zeta Global's chief data officer, said: "Vaccinated Americans are choosing locations in the Northeast and Midwest. Las Vegas is the city with the biggest relative change."

Speaking about those who have already been vaccinated, Harry Severance, assistant professor at Duke University School of Medicine, added: "Thus, I suspect that this group would retain a significant concern over contracting the disease, even post-vaccination. It is those who are unvaccinated who should be afraid of traveling. Those who are unvaccinated are putting themselves at increased risk if they gather in large groups of likewise unvaccinated persons especially if these groups are assembling from across the country, as the risk of being exposed to different Covid variants is increased."

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