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Holidaymakers want to travel more when lockdown is over

Over half of holidaymakers want to travel much more when lockdown is over.

A new study by Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and The Harris Poll has revealed that 51 per cent of people are keen to get away as much as they did before the coronavirus pandemic, or even more.

And for over half (56 per cent) of those who responded to the survey, they want to travel at least 200 miles or more away and 42 per cent are keen to stay even longer than before, planning a holiday of about two weeks or more.

And 52 per cent of those under 24, also known as Generation Z, want to take at least two weeks off this summer to get away from it all.

Beaches are the top destination for most, with 55 per cent revealing they'd like to go somewhere with sea and sand whilst 51 per cent of those who live in the city are keen to head out of town for a concert, a sporting event or a trip to the theatre.

Most plan to take a road trip, with 95 per cent of people opting for this, but confidence in flying is slowly growing, with nearly two thirds (59 per cent) of people saying they feel comfortable going in an airplane now.

Anna Bager, president and chief executive of the OAAA, said: "Americans are planning a return to ‘normal’ this summer, including travel, entertainment and dining out – all experienced through the lens of a renewed appreciation for being out-of-home. Brand marketers have a unique opportunity to capitalise on this particular moment in time by investing in OOH advertising."

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