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Travellers make eco-friendly choices

Travellers make eco-friendly choices

Travellers are making more sustainable choices.

Outdoor accommodation specialists have observed how travellers are making more conscious choices for their getaways as the United Nations come together at the Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference (COP 27). have noticed a significant increase in website visitors using filters that align with sustainability in search of their next trip.

Data from the website reveals a staggering 288 per cent increase in searches for sites that offer "pick up from public transport" compared to pre-pandemic 2019 and up by 180 per cent compared to last year. has implemented a number of filters to allow mindful travellers to search for their preferred types of sites based on environmentally-friendly amenities such as "electric vehicle charging points" and sites offering "cycle hire".

Dan Yates, founder of, said: "We are really encouraged to see how travellers are making more conscious travel choices. Camping is naturally one of the most sustainable ways to holiday and so to see these additional considerations from travellers seeking to minimise the impact of travel further and to protect surrounding landscapes is a real insight to the mind shift that I believe will only spread further."

He added: "In seeing this 'rise of the conscious traveller', we are committed to providing easy-to-navigate tools to ensure our guests can plan a holiday that best suits their preferences.

"We want to make the choice to travel green as easy as possible. We are constantly reviewing our filters and adding more options as we observe the mindful choices our guests make when booking their holiday."

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