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Brits are prioritizing trips abroad, research shows

Brits are prioritizing trips abroad, research shows

British holidaymakers are prioritizing overseas trips more than ever.

That is according to new research by easyJet, which shows that the cost-of-living crisis hasn't dampened Brits' enthusiasm for trips abroad.

Johan Lundgren, the CEO of easyJet, said: "The summer holiday has always been the highlight of the year for so many, giving people and families the chance to get away, spend time together relaxing and making lifelong memories.

"The pandemic has meant that travel is once again highly valued, sitting firmly as the number one priority for household discretionary spend. And rather than the cost of living dampening demand, instead it seems travel is more important than ever, with more customers opting for airlines like easyJet which promise the best value."

Some 45 percent of Brits have revealed that they need something to look forward to, while 37 percent have claimed that they need to get a break away from home and work life.

The research - which is based on a survey of 2,000 British adults - also found that 80 percent of Brits are intending to take a holiday this summer.

Europe is the top destination for two-thirds of British holidaymakers this summer, with 37 percent of people claiming that making memories is more important than anything.

Meanwhile, John previously revealed that electric and hydrogen planes for short-haul airlines are coming soon.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "The change is exponential, not linear. Airbus have said they will have a large-scale hydrogen plane out by 2035. On the electric side, our partner [US startup Wright Electric] said it will have a 100-plus seater electric plane out by 2030.

"It’s not a question this will happen; it’s when, and how do you then transition? We have a fleet today of 322 aircraft – we need a plan and a roadmap."

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