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Marella Voyager prepares to set sail from Majorca

Marella Voyager prepares to set sail from Majorca

A team of people big enough to fill the Royal Shakespeare Theatre are working on the launch of Marella Voyager.

The cruise ship is scheduled to set sail from Majorca, Spain, on June 3, and a huge team of people have been busily working to get the ship ready for a voyage in the Mediterranean.

The ship has been undergoing a drastic makeover to get it ready for the landmark occasion, with 630 contractors, 193 technical crew and 120 yard personnel staff being hired for the ambitious project.

The behind-the-scenes team is actually big enough people to fill the world-famous Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon in England, as the team strive to have the ship ready in time for the upcoming voyage.

The refurbished boat will feature 37,600 square metres of carpet - which is enough to cover five standard-size soccer pitches - as well as 6,000 metres of technical cabling and 20 tonnes of new catering equipment.

Marella Voyager guests will also be able to choose from 150 new dishes, across the ship's 17 different food venues.

In fact, more than 250 hours have been spent developing the ship's new menus, which is around how long it would take the average human being to walk from London to Nice in southern France.

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