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Spain considers lifting cap on British visitors

Spain considers lifting cap on British visitors

Spain is considering lifting the 90-day cap on British tourists.

Hector Gomez, Spain's acting minister of industry, trade and tourism, has revealed that Spain is considering following in France's footsteps by adjusting its cap on visitors.

Andrew Hesselden, the campaign director and founder of the ‘180 Days in Spain’ campaign, told Bulletin: "The French proposal, an ‘automatic visa entitlement without formalities’, is certainly in line with the kind of protection we would like to see for everyone who has made a part year home in France or Spain, whether they owned or rented that home or even lived with family regularly.

"We’re asking for a guarantee of protection akin to that given under the Withdrawal Agreement which seems very similar in practical effect to what the French Senators appear to be suggesting."

Andrew has been "encouraged" by recent suggestions that the cap could be scrapped.

He added: "Personally, I’d love to see reciprocal, mutual Freedom of Movement restored, or even for us to rejoin the EU one day, but until we can persuade politicians to do either of those things, there is plenty that could be done to ease mobility right now, and not just for those with homes in Europe.

"I think the planned introduction of ETIAS and the UK equivalent in 2025, is truly tragic for the future of our continent and shared cultural understanding. Thankfully, the UK government has recently agreed to ease rules for French school groups visiting the UK with other nationalities set to follow, but clearly there is much more work to do."

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