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A third of travelers want a holiday romance

Over a third of travelers want a holiday romance.

It has been revealed 36 percent of single travelers feel like they could make a "romantic connection" with someone they meet on vacation, more so than they would within their day to day life.

For men, this figure was at over half - 51 percent - compared to just a quarter, 25 percent, for women.

People are also more likely to take risks on holiday and make different decisions, with 61 percent of travelers up for being more spontaneous whilst on vacation.

And it was those between 30 and 44-years old that were most likely to have a holiday romance whilst abroad.

For those in relationships, the study also revealed that 54 percent of couples who go on holiday together say they liked each other more when they returned home.

A number of adults - 34 percent - are also keen to leave their kids at home when they head off to another country.

Gail Moaney, founding managing partner at Travel/Lifestyle Practice, Finn Partners, said: "Travel is one of the most over-surveyed and highly-scrutinised industries from a business intelligence perspective, but we are only now starting to see more research into the behavioral science behind how travel changes people and what that means for the places they go, the activities they look for, and the ways they act while on vacation.

"And while it can be tempting to disregard such insight as frivolous, the impact of how travelers fundamentally change who they are while on vacation can be a serious business for the tourism industry that, to capitalize on, will require more collaboration between marketing professionals and the academic researchers conducting groundbreaking studies, like Columbia University's recent report The Dark Side of Going Abroad."

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