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British couples have more sex at home than on holiday

British couples have more sex at home than on holiday.

A study conducted by found that, on average, those in a relationship only have sex with their partner once during their two week holiday whilst a fifth of people admit to going without sex completely.

However, when they are home, the couples admitted to getting intimate once a week, on average, twice as much as they did on holiday.

Of the 1400 people surveyed, 42 per cent said their kids got in the way of them getting frisky under the sheets whilst 39 per cent said the room was too hot to make love.

Around a quarter of Brits were enjoying the sun too much as they confessed sunburn stopped them having sex whilst 19 per cent of people were worried about other holidaymakers hearing them and 16 per cent were concerned about being interrupted by housekeeping staff.

But the nail in the coffin was when 56 per cent of the people surveyed confessed that their partner was not their favourite person to go on holiday with.

Meanwhile, another study previously revealed over a third of single travelers want a holiday romance as they feel like they could make a "romantic connection" with someone they meet on vacation, more so than they would within their day to day life. For men, this figure was 51 per cent, compared to just 25 per cent for women.

And it was those between 30 and 44-years old that were most likely to have a holiday romance whilst for those in relationships, it was revealed that 54 per cent of couples who go on holiday together say they liked each other more when they returned home.

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