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Social media is the new postcard

Social media has become the new postcard for holidaymakers.

A study by Aviva has found that two thirds of people haven't sent a postcard since the last decade whilst 77% of people now prefer to post updates about their holiday on social media.

In a survey of 2000 people, 10% of people admitted that they post photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make others at home jealous whilst one in five people like to share their holiday snaps to show off about where they are. However, 44% insist they are posting on social media to keep their friends and family up to date.

However, these social media posts annoy nearly three quarters of users, with the most irritating picture being the "hot dog legs on the beach" snap.

However, Aviva have warned posting snaps from your holiday on social media could leave you vulnerable to burglars after nine percent of people admitted to posting photos as soon as they step out of their door and a further 34% post regular updates on holiday, showing they are not at home.

Adam Beckett, Propositions Director at Aviva, said: "A holiday is, for many, a time to switch-off and have a rest but it would seem that taking a break doesn't apply to social media. Long gone are the days when the first time British holidaymakers would see their snaps was in the chemist after they got home. Now, we're sharing our holiday memories as soon as they happen, and with a much wider circle of friends and family.

"And with mobile phone roaming charges now officially abolished in the EU, it could be that posting to social media while on vacation becomes even more common - particularly among the younger generation who we've found are the most prolific users of social media while on holiday.

"Mobile technology has without doubt enhanced our holiday experiences - from booking online to keeping in touch while we're abroad - but it does have its pitfalls. Posting pictures and checking-in on social media while away could potentially leave a home vulnerable to thieves. The best time to post holiday pictures to social media is when you're back home. If you really can't wait to share, then at least make sure you're only posting to a closed circle of trusted friends and family."

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