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Millennials will out-travel grandparents by five

Millennials will out-travel their grandparents before they turn five.

A study has revealed that children today are three times more likely to have traveled internationally by the age of five than their grandparents have, with one in five having already gone on their first international holiday before they turned two.

It was also revealed that almost half of children in Sweden have been on holiday abroad before they turn two whilst Germans embark on international travel at an average age of nine compared to America, where over 50 per cent of Americans had not gone on an international holiday by the time they turned 18.

Swedes are the most traveled of all the population, averaging 15 countries by 50 years old compared to 14 countries for the British.

The survey, which was conducted by European travel agency eDreams, also found travelers are able to experience new destinations thanks to the reduced costs and the internet, which has allowed people to browse availability easier.

They wrote in their report: "The increase in people traveling internationally has gone hand in hand in with the rise in holidays to long haul destinations. Cheaper flights, the rise of budget airlines and the growth of Online Travel Agents such as eDreams have all contributed to make travel more accessible to a wider audience.

"Additionally, the destinations people choose to travel to have changed. Today, individuals consider different types of holidays; reduced travel costs have helped make travellers more open to exploring new places, and shifts in international relations have led to fluctuations in the popularity of different countries with some destinations re-emerging onto the tourism scene. In 2016 for example, the first commercial flight in over 50 years flew from the US to Cuba, providing new opportunities to travel to the country."

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