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Traveling makes people more interesting

Traveling makes people more interesting.

A study has revealed that around three in five of people (61 percent) think those who have traveled more are far more interesting than those who haven't. Around 45 percent of those surveyed also believe travel makes them more successful in their life and their career.

And we tend to make bigger life decisions following a holiday break, with 13 percent of people deciding to change their job or career after a holiday and another 13 percent deciding to end their current relationship following their vacation. After their time away, 21 percent of people surveyed also chose to move somewhere else.

These decisions may come from the confidence boost traveling gives those who head on a vacation.

Around 40 percent of people enjoy being able to meet new kinds of people and says it gives them a boost whilst 43 percent of those surveyed say cooking and eating new types of food has given them extra confidence too.

Learning a new language (29 percent) and reading and learning about another culture (29 percent) is also important in boosting confidence.

Pepijn Rijvers, chief marketing officer at, said: "The adrenalin and confidence boost that traveling somewhere for the first time gives us makes it irresistible. Our first time travel experiences open our minds, sparks our imagination and inspires us to continue trying something new or change direction in life. Once you catch the travel bug it's simply contagious!

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