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Share Japan's secrets of youth

Japanese residents live, on average, over 80 years so we're all for borrowing their secrets to a long, healthy life. Here, we give you a rundown on how you can beat the ageing clock during a trip to this vibrant Asian island.

Japanese women cite facial massages as the "key" to achieving beautiful wrinkle-free skin so whilst you're visiting Tokyo, why not stop for a massage at Salon Do Bi Esute in the Yotsuya neigbourhood.

The whole treatment lasts around 90 minutes and they check the condition of your skin before going ahead to make sure you're getting the exact facial you need.

The beauty salon prefer to use natural cosmetics, which are made from plants and herbs, to help the skin regenerate itself. There is also the option of going for a facial massage whilst in an oxygen capsule, which is said to help let the treatments sink into the skin more.

SK-II national brand ambassador Steve Jan said of Japanese facial massages: "Japanese women believe facial massages are the key to wrinkle-free skin. As they apply each step in their skincare routine, they gently massage the product into the skin in circular motions. This anti-ageing trick also helps to relax the muscles and improve circulation."

Japanese residents also swear by long hot steaming baths as the secret to staying youthful. There are many hot springs around the island, with Hakone Onsen one of the most popular.

It is located only an hour and a half or so drive from Japan's capital of Tokyo and there are a number of hot spring baths in public bath houses there.

Hakone Kamon has a number of outdoor baths, all made from stone or wood, as well as a sauna and baths that have been made to look like large ceramic pots. It is only a short bus ride from Yumoto Station.

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