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Save money and book your holidays later

Americans could be losing money by booking their holidays earlier.

A study by has found that one in five of US residents have already booked their plane journeys for their November and December breaks, whilst 23 percent have already booked their hotel or lodging.

However, this could end up costing them more money as it has been revealed that the best time to buy tickets for December travel is in early October. And if you're planning to go away for Thanksgiving in late November, you could wait as late as when Halloween comes around at the end of October.

Around 35 million adults intend to go away for the winter break, with 31 million planning to fly to get to their destination.

The study - which was carried out by Princeton Survey Research Associates International - also found that families decided to book early so they wouldn't miss out on getting exactly what they wanted or needed, such as connecting rooms.

It was also revealed that nearly half of consumers would have planned to have booked their flights by September time and 44 percent agreed when it came to booking accommodation. credit card analyst Robin Saks Frankel said: "There is a sweet spot for booking travel. If you book too early out, you aren't getting the best deal. If you wait until it's too close, you aren't getting the best deal. When you want something specific, maybe connecting rooms or a junior suite at a hotel, that would be the reason to book early, not because you are getting a better deal. It's more about getting what you want."

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