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Bucket lists encourage travel

Bucket lists help us see more of the world.

Over 46 percent of people from the "Baby Boomber" generation have created a bucket list and 83 percent of them have revealed they have some sort of travel-related item on their list. However, it is millennials (51 percent) who are more likely to have a travel bucket list, which is generally triggered when the person hits a certain age.

And it's not just the planning that goes into the list that is the most fun as 24 percent of millennials feel making the list and checking it off helps them to experience new things. And 77 percent of people are optimistic they will actually go on these trips they've put on their list, compared to just 3 percent who admitted the list was only a bit of fun.

The study also revealed that 53 percent of people like to get fit before they head on holiday.

Denise Austin, renowned fitness expert, health advocate and AARP Wellness Ambassador, said: "Travelling keeps our body and mind active, from planning and creating an itinerary to getting in better physical shape for the trip. Not only can being physically fit help make the vacation more enjoyable, it often leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated when we're back home."

Whilst AARP researcher Patty David added: "Usability studies have indicated that consumers frequently check on the weather of possible travel destinations. It's important to not only consider saving funds and budgeting for the trip, but also ensuring you've researched the best time to travel."

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