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Costa Rica is a sloth sanctuary

Known for its wonderful Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica gives you a chance to see these beautiful creatures up close and personal.

This rescue and rehabilitation facility in Limón Province is home to a number of sloths that are looked after trained staff and volunteers who work to rehabilitate them into the wild.

The Aviarios del Caribe sanctuary was started when Buttercup the sloth was given to the owners of a hotel just outside Limon 25 years ago. From here, they realised there was more they could do and decided to open the sanctuary so they could help hand-rear sloths and rehabilitate them back into their natural habitat.

Seeing how they could use this sanctuary to educate the wider public about sloths and how their habitats are being affected, they opened a Learning Centre and continue to attract visitors from all over the world.

They offer two different tours; firstly, the Buttercup tour, named after their first ever sloth, costs $30 for adults and run on the hour every hour from 9am to 2pm.

Writing about the tour on their website, they shared: "Your Buttercup Tour offers a fun, interactive and informative introduction to sloths and their unique physiology, biology and behaviour.

"The tour includes a placid canoe trip to experience the sloths' rainforest habitat from a river perspective. Especially enchanting if you enjoy colorful birds and lush tropical foliage."

The Insider's tour takes place twice a day and as well as components of the Buttercup tour, you also get a chance to see the Slothpital clinic and NICU/Nursery. The tour takes about three hours and costs $150 for an adult.

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