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Maeklong Railway Market routinely makes way for trains

Markets are certainly not few and far between in the Far East but the Maeklong Railway Market is quite different as every few hours, the roadside sellers have to move aside to make way for a train that rushes through the middle of their stalls.

Based in Samut Songkhram, which is the smallest province in Thailand, this market sits along the tracks of the Maeklong Railway, just 3 feet wide.

Along this 300 metre stretch of train tracks, sellers gather to offer customers lovely fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers, clothing and street food. However, throughout the day, they must momentarily pack up as the train passes through.

Everyone is just going about their daily business when a warning bell sounds, letting both the buyers and the sellers know its time to move out the way. Tables are pushed out of the train track or the goods are even put low enough so the train can just pass over it. A foghorn will sound as the train approaches, inching slowly through the market as buyers and sellers watch from the sides.

Because of its ability to open and close at any time, the market has earned itself the name of Talat Rom Hup, which means the folding umbrella market.

Another market to visit whilst you're in Thailand is the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. This one sells a huge range of different things such as clothing, accessories and food. The market is divided into sections to make shopping for what you need easier.

Section one, for example, is the place to go if you're looking for Buddha statues, old records and other antiques whilst section seven is like a gallery with its pictures and paintings offered for sale. Sections 13 and 15 are for pets including puppies, kittens and fish whilst the market stall owners in sections two to four sell plants and flowers.

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