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The tricky climb to the Huashan Teahouse

Teahouses are in abundance across China but none of them are quite as dangerous to get to as the Huashan Teahouse.

Nestled into one of the five peaks of Mount Hua, this Buddhist and Daoist temple has started offering refreshments to their guests who dare to walk up the "Heavenly Stairs" to reach this temple. These stone steps have been carved straight into the side of the mountain. They are so steep and have a ginormous drop on the right side, with the forests far below.

Once you reach the top of the first lot of stairs, a cable car helps you cross the mountain valley, allowing you to reach the base of the Southern peak. From there, it is a careful step around the mountain on what looks like a piece of rickety wood. In some places, where the wood has broken, there is just a few pegs and some chains protecting you from the drop below. When you encounter someone else going the other way, one of you has to retrace your steps back to find one of the landings to wait before going off on your journey again.

However, that all seems easy when you stand in front of the mountain face. Here, you have to climb directly up the side of the rock, with spaces cut out in the mountain to allow you to climb up it. Then it is time to take the final set of stairs that lead to the temple. These are very narrow, making the climb difficult, but that is not as hard to conquer as the steep incline.

Because of the numbers of tourists visiting here in the recent years, the government have installed chains for guidance as well as making the route safer by securing the wooden panels.

To head to Huashan, you need to travel to the city of Huayin, which is around 120 kilometres east of Xi'an in the Shaanxi Province.

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