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Instagram influences travel

Seeing destinations on Facebook and Instagram make us want to travel there.

A study by the University of Georgia revealed we are influenced by the holiday spots that are popular on social media when we decide where we want to go for our next break.

Using a Social Return Scale, which they developed for the study, they found that people wanted to travel to a certain place more if it was liked by their followers.

Lead author Bynum Boley said: "While travel and social standing have a long history of interconnectedness, social media has fundamentally changed the nature of this form of conspicuous consumption. No longer do peers have to take each other's word on where they have traveled or wait for the slideshow upon returning from the trip.

"Travellers are now able to receive instant gratification and recognition through posting pictures of their travels. This is especially important as narcissism becomes more normalised and the posting of travel experiences on social media becomes a more prominent primary motivation for travel."

A previous study had revealed that millennials are prepared to pay more on their travels if they can get the best Instagram shot.

Around 60 percent of millennials were happy to pay to upgrade their travel - from things such as boarding early or buying Wi-Fi.

HotelTonight CEO Sam Shank said: "Fundamentally they are different as a generation, which extends to how they travel and how they really travel for business. What they really want is value. They're really interested in spending a little bit more to get a whole lot more versus previous generations who just want to spend the absolute least amount of money as possible. This is a generation that grew up with mobile as their first computer, and it was probably an iPhone. In many cases they are very comfortable with it. That is the platform of preference and where they are spending their time, and how they purchase things. We want to be a mobile-first and mobile-only company building and catering to the needs of the mobile traveller."

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