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Okanagan Lake hiding the legendary Ogopogo

Canada's Okanagan Lake is hiding a huge secret - the legendary Ogopogo.

Not only is this wonderful mass of water in Peachland a beautiful place to visit for its surrounding scenery but it is also said to be home of the mythical Ogopogo, a legendary sea serpent similar to Scotland's Loch Ness monster.

The legend of the Ogopogo goes right back to when the First Nations told of a "N'ha-a-itk", a lake monster that lived around 20 kilometres from Kelowna at Squally Point. Back then, the N'ha-a-itk was so feared that the First Nations didn't want to cross the lake. When they had to do so, they would drop small animals like chickens in as a sacrifice to the water monster. It was only in 1924, though, when the Ogopogo got the name it has now after a song was written about the mysterious creature.

The Ogopogo has been sighted a number of times and those who have seen it described it as a serpent with a green body around 25 metres long. However, it is the face which has given the most variety when it comes to the description as some say it has the face of a horse, whilst others have likened it to that of a goat or a reptile.

If you're unlucky enough to miss Ogopogo in the water, there is a statue dedicated to it at City Park.

Aside from the legendary Ogopogo, Okanagan Lake has wonderful beaches to enjoy - around 30 in total - and there are various concession stands at most of these places.

As well as watersport activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking or canoeing, there is also a chance to explore this beautiful lake on a boat. For those who are looking for a different type of adventure, you can snorkel in the lovely clear water of the secluded bays or even hike the fantastic Paul's Tomb trail at Knox Mountain.

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