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Travellers search for WiFi

Over half of British travellers will turn down the best hotel if it doesn't have free WiFi.

A study has found that 53 percent of people would avoid booking a room in a particular hotel, whatever its quality, if they were charged for using the internet services.

And it makes sense to be constantly connected as 85 percent of travellers rely on peer to peer reviews when choosing where to visit whilst 33 percent use voice searches such as Amazon Echo or Apple's Siri. Searching online is vital for most as 50 percent of people find it the biggest pain when they have to trawl the web for the best price for an activity, a hotel room or a flight.

Whilst abroad, people use an average of 14 different categories of apps.

The survey was carried out on 11,000 respondents across 19 countries. All those considered had to have taken one return flight in one year.

Paul Broughton, Country Manager UK & Ireland for Travelport, said: "The Global Traveler Survey clearly shows that the future of travel is digital. Travelers are becoming increasingly digitally dependent when it comes to planning, booking and experiencing travel, and the $7.6 trillion global travel and hospitality industry must adapt to provide responsive, relevant and timely services for customers."

Whilst Gordon Wilson, President and CEO of Travelport, added: "Whether young or old, and in whichever continent, providing relevant and timely digital tools and content is no longer an accessory but an essential means of reaching and satisfying the modern traveler from the moment they search to the moment they return from their trip.

"Travelport's platform stands ready to provide the industry with the means to do this. As a technology company and as a world leader in digital and mobile capabilities, we aim to make the experience of selling, buying and managing travel continually better."

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