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Travellers want to learn about a new culture

Travellers want to learn about a new culture in 2018.

As 2017 comes to a close, people are setting their travel goals for the next 12 months and the most important thing for them is getting a chance to see a new place and experience the culture.

A study by American Express Travel found that 72 percent of people enjoy being able to learn about different cultures whilst 15 percent says they travelled during the previous year so they could experience new languages and customs. 20 percent of people plan to do the same in 2018, a five percent increase on last year.

And 57 percent of people said they set a "exploring a new destination that they've never seen before" goal for 2018. 43 percent like eating with the locals at a local culinary spot whilst 52 percent don't mind getting lost if it means spontaneously discovering hidden restaurants and shops. 49 percent of people prefer trips with adventure and excitement.

Tom Stein, VP of American Express Travel, said: "For 2018, we see U.S. travelers expanding personal and global boundaries when they travel. We noted an increased interest in cultural discovery, personal connections, inspiring destinations, and premium, rejuvenating travel experiences."

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