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Young people will work abroad

Young people are more likely to go for a job that lets them travel.

A study by CV-Library found that 64.6 percent of millennials wouldn't mind having to travel for their job, but that dramatically reduces for professionals between 45 and 54-years-old, with 38.4 percent not minding the idea of travelling for work. For 55 to 64-year-old employees, it falls even more to 33.7 percent.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: "Many of us have experienced how exhausting travelling can be, whether that's from jet lag, long journeys or getting little sleep. So it's understandable that UK workers are worried about the effects of travel on their health. The research shows that because of this, many professionals don't want to combine work and travel. As an employer, you can help staff to prioritise their health and wellbeing by making sure you give them enough time off to recuperate after any work-related travels. Also, keep the lines of communication so you can quickly identify when someone may be heading towards burnout. After all, there may be better solutions, especially with modern technology meaning you could conduct meetings over Skype and so on.

"It's only natural that the younger generation would be more open to travelling for work - given that they will have less responsibilities such as childcare and mortgages. Our data tells us that the majority of young people want to travel as part of their job so they can see different places and experience different cultures. If your businesses has a new travel opportunity available, have catch-ups with staff and try to assign these roles to those who want the work-aboard experience."

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