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UK residents only manage 37 days before booking next holiday

UK residents only manage just over a month at home before they book their next holiday.

A study has found that people manage 37 days back in the unpredictable weather of Britain before making a final decision and paying a deposit on their next holiday.

The yearn to head away again starts at around 17 days in, where people start to research where to go next.

Most of those surveyed opted for four holidays a year, one of them being abroad and the other three staycations in the UK, whether that means heading to somewhere else in the country or just staying in their hometown.

And it is money, home demands and pressure from work that keeps us from travelling, with one in 10 people admitting it has been five or more years since they had a holiday. However, 15 percent of people did admit that they had never gone more than six months without heading on a trip away.

Vinay Parmar of National Express, who conducted the study, said: "Our poll reveals that fifty nine per cent of Brits say financial limitations are a barrier to their escapism while one in 10 said they often struggle to decide where they want to travel to. With services to hundreds of locations, coach travel can help with smaller trips in the UK as well as getting to the airport to jet away.

"Experts tell us holidays and travel are important to our wellbeing. A break from the daily routine doesn't have to involve a whole week off work or a long-haul flight. There are countless options in the UK to explore the UK and coach is a convenient and affordable way to get there."

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