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Smartphones are a staple for travellers

Smartphones are becoming a staple for travellers.

A study by travel marketing research company Sojern has found that people are relying on their devices more than ever now - from researching their vacation, booking their holiday and when they're at their destination too.

The report states that 56 per cent of Google travel queries came from a mobile phone in Australia and New Zealand. People also tend to book local trips on their phones, more than international destinations.

Chris Greenwood, Sojern Regional Sales Director, said: "Our data shows tourism continuing to grow significantly in Australia and New Zealand. Despite the increasingly complex traveller path to purchase, which spans multiple devices, channels and platforms, this grown presents a huge opportunity for travel marketers. Brands with personalised, cross-channel strategies that engage with travellers on all devices and in all stages of the path to purchase will win in this market ... The Sojern Traveller Platform allows us to better understand in-market audiences in real-time - talking to the right customers at the right time with the right message. Whether you are an airline, a big international hotel, or a tour operator, you need to understand the differences between travellers looking to visit Australia and New Zealand and how to reach them as they dream, plan, and book their trips."

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