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Prague is the greenest city in the world

Prague is the greenest city in the world.

The capital of the Czech Republic took home the prize for the city with the biggest percentage of green space, with an impressive 56.74 per cent. Madrid, Spain came second with 44.85 whilst Austria's capital of Vienna ranked third with 42.68 per cent green space. Edinburgh, Scotland is the UK's highest ranking city, coming in at fourth place with 41.72 per cent.

It was Reykjavik, Iceland which ranked top for the most square metres of green space per person, with 410.84 whilst Auckland, New Zealand and Bratislava, Slovakia came in second and third place respectively.

Fiona Vanderbroeck, Chief Traveller Officer at TravelBird, said: "The World Health Organisation has reported that urban green spaces help individuals to feel more relaxed, reduce stress levels and also help protect against harmful pollutants. With many of our travellers seeking refuge from the grind of their daily routine, the thought of a city break might have once seemed contradictory to the idea of a relaxing vacation - but this index, highlighting the various green cities around the world, proves otherwise. Many popular city destinations around the world have made significant strides towards both preserving and manufacturing green spaces. With this index we aim to inspire travellers to see city trips differently - inviting them connect with nature whilst also enjoying the vibrancy, culture and liveliness they look for in a city getaway."

For the Green Cities Index 2018, 50 cities were handpicked by the team at TravelBird based on popularity with tourists. The countries chosen were the largest in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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