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Seattle is named the most expensive city for food

Seattle is the most expensive city in the United States for food.

The Washington city has topped a poll, with the average cost of a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant coming in at $65 per person, compared to $59 for New Orleans, Louisiana and Minneapolis, Minnesota at $50 each person.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, a meal will similarly cost $50 per person as well as in Long Beach, California and Phoenix, Arizona.

It was previously revealed that travellers are looking for cultural experiences.

Laurel Greatrix, director of communications at Trip Advisor, said: "We're seeing more travelers balancing their itineraries with a mix of classic sightseeing and more unique local experiences. Of course travelers heading to Rome want to explore the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, but they're also booking experiences like food tours to enhance their trip, and see the city like a local. Travellers are also being more economical with their time. Skip the line tour options are among the fastest growing tours in the world, and were among the fastest growing categories for US travelers in particular, allowing travellers to see more than just the back of someone's head."

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