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Overcrowding ruins holiday photos

Two fifths of people blame overcrowding at tourist destinations for not getting the perfect holiday snaps.

Holidaymakers take an average of 67 photographs whilst visiting a city for the first time but 40 per cent of people admit to not getting the perfect snaps they want because of overcrowding in tourist areas.

Sony and Eurostar have teamed up to come up with ten under the radar locations for holidaymakers to capture on camera in Amsterdam. These include the sandy beach of Ijmuiden, just half an hour from the bustling city, mural-lined passageway Beurspassage and Krom boomssloot, which curves with the canal.

Yann Salmon Legagneur of Sony said: "We want everyone to feel like they can capture brilliant photography when exploring a new city, which is why we created the Alternative Guide to Amsterdam. The guide showcases exciting locations that travellers can explore and snap using the RX100M6, as well as providing useful tips on how to adjust simple features like exposure and aperture. The pocket-size camera is compact and easy to navigate, giving holiday-goers the best of best worlds."

Whilst Perrine Allain, Head of Digital at Eurostar, added: "Our onboard entertainment system offers over 300 hours of free content, streamed directly to a traveller's own device. We're always looking for how we can continue to improve the customer experience, and in partnering with Sony, the new Alternative Guide to Amsterdam provides visitors to the city with a great selection of lesser known sites, so that they can start discovering the city before stepping off the train."

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