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Travel stress gets to us all

American travellers have 240 stressful travel experiences in their lifetime.

A study by has revealed that, on average, each person will have over 200 stressful experiences because of travel across their life - and that includes anything from forgetting to pack something, worrying about delayed flights or getting to the airport in time.

One in four of the 2,000 Americans surveyed said they expected something to go wrong on every single trip they go on whilst 40 per cent of people always prepare themselves for the worst.

Alex Miller from said: "Travel can certainly be stressful or even chaotic at times - and it seems that many travellers feel they have terrible luck after too many bad, past experiences. Where possible, take every step you can to prepare and plan before your next journey as it'll help to reduce stress and avoid running into issues when in transit. Planning a trip is easier than it appears at first glance. But, facing the reality of actually traveling can be a whole other issue. However, that doesn't mean people should avoid traveling just because they've had a bad experience. Getting out and exploring the world can be fun - travel can be easy, and enjoying it all in the process is doable."

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