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Travellers bemoan hidden charges

Two thirds of holidaymakers are fed up of hidden charges whilst travelling.

A study of 7,400 consumers, conducted by YouGov and ACI Worldwide, real-time electronic payment and banking solutions provider, has found that 66 per cent of people globally are frustrated by hidden add-ons when making their bookings.

It was also revealed that over a third - 36 per cent - of travellers like to make their purchases on credit cards, whilst 29 per cent put it on their debit cards. Paypal is becoming an increasingly popular method of payment at 17 per cent.

Peter Moedlhammer, head of global e-commerce solutions with ACI Worldwide, said: "The global travel industry is a huge growth market worth $2.2 trillion a year, with annual growth rates of about 10 per cent. The market has undergone massive changes in the last decade, many of them driven by digitalisation. Digital channels have empowered travel operators to provide new routes to market and travellers are now able to research their options online, and then choose exactly how they book and pay for their vacation or holiday breaks. What is surprising is that many consumers are unhappy with one or more aspects of their online customer journey, whether it is price transparency, the ability to make changes to a booking or to pay with their preferred payment method. If travel operators want to compete effectively in this very competitive market, they need to address these issues urgently."

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