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Americans can't keep off their phones on holiday

Americans find it difficult to shut off when they travel.

Residents of the US have admitted it is hard for them to turn their phones on and get away from social media when they are on holiday.

And 53 per cent of Americans admit to not cutting down on their phone time at all whilst they are away, with Asurion's study, which was conducted by OnePoll, revealing that holidaymakers can check their devices up 80 times a day whilst on vacation. If we are enjoying some relaxation, we might be able to keep away from our devices for four hours.

However, we have good reasons for staying on our phones - with 46 per cent of people revealing it is their main connection to family and friends whilst 20 per cent say they use it to help them navigate their destination.

Bettie Colombo, Asurion spokesperson, said: "The results reveal that while people enjoy taking a vacation from everyday life, they don't necessarily want to take a full break from their phone. It still serves as their main connection to friends and family, and is a practical tool to help get around when travelling. At Asurion, we help people get the most out of their tech devices, including tips for how to achieve a healthy phone-life balance, whether at home or travelling on vacation."

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