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Adventure travel is being enjoyed by all ages

Adventure travel is being enjoyed by all ages.

Industry experts have revealed that the adventure travel market is "evolving" and although it has always been popular with young people, it is becoming increasingly popular with older generations and all ages.

Story Kirshman, director of digital marketing for GeoEx, an adventure travel company, said: "I think that adventure travel is kind of evolving. People are looking for more ways to disconnect and be offline. We are seeing a younger generation coming to us wanting to find some geographically different places to expand some of the boundaries around us instead of just going to a beach resort ...

"Going into Ethiopia and interacting with cultures - as an older traveler, that is still really appealing. They are very active, they are very interested and curious of the world. We are definitely seeing our older travellers choosing these really edgy destinations ... We have seen such an emergence of it that we developed an all-women trip to Egypt. We wanted to fill that emerging segment for us."

Emmanuel Burgio, president of Blue Parallel, a luxury boutique travel agency, feels this change has come from a change of attitude.

He said: "People are healthier now. The way they eat is healthier. They want to be active. We definitely see a trend of people who are retired and still active embracing the healthy lifestyle and having an interest in our product."

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