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Instagram influences travel

Over half of travellers have confessed to only selecting a holiday destination because it will look good on their Instagram account.

A total of 52 per cent of US travellers have admitted to choosing where to go on vacation based on if they think it will look good on social media.

This is higher for Spanish travellers at 55 per cent and for Italian travellers at 58 per cent, whilst for British residents, it drops to a minimal 14 per cent.

However, it's not social media influencers that people take travel inspiration from, with only 1 in 10 of US residents admitting to booking a holiday based on someone else's Instagram post. This is at 5 per cent for British holidaymakers and similar for Spanish residents. This rises to eight per cent for French residents.

And nearly half of travellers have confessed to retouching their holiday photos.

Robert McNamara, from eDreams, said: "We know that creating a picture-perfect life on social media is a growing trend, especially among millennials. With this new research, we see that US travellers are embracing this trend more than any other nation we surveyed."

Meanwhile, a separate study revealed social media has "drastically changed" how people travel.

Andre Buarque,'s Alberta area manager, said: "It's changed drastically the way we travel, the influence is there. Do the posts from other people influence what we do and what we buy? Yes, of course, especially travel because we're talking about an experience; it's not a physical product. What we saw on the research ... around 11 per cent of Canadian travellers got inspiration on where to travel and what to do by celebrities or Instagrammers, those famous ones.

"Some of them actually reproduce the same poses at the same place that they did - kind of intimating their idols or people they admire. Pretty much every single traveller now is an advertiser. They can take the pictures, they can advertise that and they can inspire other people."

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