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Instagram replacing travel brochures

Instagram are replacing travel brochures for the younger generation.

People are looking to social media for destination inspiration rather than going for the traditional travel brochures and leaflets, with over half of people (55 per cent) between 18 and 65 confessing they booked a holiday just based on what they say on sites like Instagram.

A study commissioned by easyJet also found that nearly a third (32 per cent) of people picked their location based on how nice it would look on their Instagram feed. And the strive to get the perfect photo, holidaymakers confess to taking 2,500 photos during a week's holiday to pick the best photo to post online.

Daniel Young, Head of Digital Experience at easyJet, said: "As people's attention turns to booking their summer holidays our research shows that they are not only turning to social media to showcase their travels but also to inspire their next adventure in the first place."

Meanwhile, a previous study revealed millennials are more worried about getting the perfect Instagram shot is more important than having a drink whilst on holiday.

World Travel Market London spokesperson Paul Nelson said: "It would appear that millennials, 'Generation Sensible' or 'sober socialites' - whatever you want to call them - are more health-conscious and mindful of their image when on holiday, and eager to share their photographs instead of handling a hangover. The travel industry is tapping into this trend because Instagram has an estimated one billion users, so it's a very influential platform."

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