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Americans plan to stay in their home country this summer

Americans plan to stay in their home country this summer.

A study by Brand Expedia has shown that 85 per cent of Americans plan to travel this summer, with three out of four of these expecting to stay within the United States.

It is the likes of Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego and Los Angeles that make up most of the top 25 of the most popular summer destinations this year.

Nisreene Atassi, PR Director for Brand Expedia, said: "Whether it was road trips around the Midwest or long weekends to the East Coast, domestic vacations were a hallmark of my family trips as a child. So, it doesn't surprise me to hear that most Americans plan to travel within the U.S. this summer. We're on a mission to really arm travellers with everything they need to get their vacation plans sorted, and our analysis covers everything travellers need to do just that."

A previous study revealed that Americans like to stay close to home when they travel.

It found that Americans like to head nearby on their travels, with 35.1 million Americans making Mexico their holiday destination and 14.3 million heading over the border to Canada. Elsewhere, Americans also liked visiting the United Kingdom and France whilst UK citizens prefer to head to Spain (a total of 15.9 million annual visitors) and France (8.86 million).

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