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Americans hate sick passengers

Americans hate sitting next to sick passengers on their flight.

Two fifths (40 per cent) of those surveyed dubbed "The Germ Spreader" as the worst person to have sat next to them, with The Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber in second place with 36 per cent of the vote and The Drunk Passenger following closely behind with 35 per cent.

Globally, The Drunk Passenger was the most annoying with 43 per cent of people admitting they'd be annoyed if they were sat next to a drunk person.

Meanwhile, 50 per cent of people have confessed they would ask to move to a different seat if they were next to a sick passenger, whilst two fifths (40 per cent) would offer their fellow passenger tissues or some cough drops. And 31 per cent of people would just keep using hand sanitiser throughout their flight. Americans also hate going barefoot on a plane, with 78 per cent of people refusing to take their shoes off for their flight.

Nisreene Atassi, PR Director for Brand Expedia, said: "We are in the business of helping millions of people travel every year, and it's important to us that everybody has the best possible experience. How we interact with each other while traveling has a huge impact on how we feel about our trip, which is why we decided to dig in to some of the most common travel annoyances."

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