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Holidaymakers love me time

Half of Australians enjoy their "me time" on their holidays.

Over 50 per cent of respondents have confessed they love having their own time on holiday, which is believed to be due to the smartphone era.

Solo travel has become increasingly popular because of the advances in technology, with women aged from 55 to 64 the most likely to take a solo trip at a figure of 55 per cent, with women between 18 and 24 following closely behind at 53 per cent.

Natalie Ball, director at, said: "Thanks to increasing resources ... travellers can now navigate the world on their own terms. Travel apps, translation tools and social media have made it simpler than ever to take off, unencumbered. Our devices have us connected 24/7, so the desire to unplug and wind down has never been stronger. In today's fast-paced world a holiday is the perfect opportunity to get off the grid and do exactly what you want.

"Interestingly, our survey showed a specific surge in solo travel from the middle-aged female demographic. Given that women in this age-bracket often have many competing demands on their time, it makes sense that a growing number would seek out the opportunity to travel alone. Today's female traveller may have a partner who is unwilling or unable to accompany her. Many female travellers might like to seek out new connections or join up with friends along the way. We have noticed an upswing in wellness and yoga retreats. Women are exploring the world in all types of capacities"

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