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Americans looking for cultural experiences

Americans are looking for cultural experiences when they travel.

The most recent Travelhorizons study - which was conducted by MMGY Global Travel Intelligence - has revealed people look to immerse themselves in cultures when they go abroad.

And over half (53 per cent) of travellers say it is important to learn about new cultures and gain perspectives on different ways of life whilst traveling. This figure increases to 65 per cent for millennials and 53 per cent of Generation Xers.

A whopping six in ten (58 per cent) of adults feel it is important to learn about the culture from where they are travelling too whilst 53 per cent would like to explore a new culture when they're abroad. A similar amount of people want to meet and connect with locals whilst on holiday.

It is surprising how much our perceptions can change as 36 per cent of those surveyed said they felt differently about the country and their residents after visiting, with 50 per cent saying they felt an affection for the people and 39 per cent saying they shared many social values.

However, it is important the country is welcoming, as three quarters (75 per cent) of Americans want to feel welcomed when they head abroad.

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