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Travellers want sustainability

Nearly three quarters of travellers are looking for sustainable options.

A study by has revealed that a whopping 71 per cent of their customers search for eco-friendly travel now.

Gillian Tans,'s chairwoman, said: "71 per cent of our customers want companies to offer more sustainable options. It's an area is focusing on a lot, not only because we think it's good for the planet, but also because customers find it more important. Eco travel is impacting the travel industry a lot, and more companies are thinking much more how to preserve the cities we built and love for generations to come."

And Tans believes there will be a huge increase in artificial intelligence being used in the travel industry to make people's experiences more personal.

She added to London's Evening Standard newspaper: "I think a big trend that you will see changing is that travel will become more personal, if you see what's happening with AI [travel is] a lot more personal now. I think this is really an advantage for customers because it will make it much easier to book your trip. I think a lot of travel sites will also make booking simpler, allowing customers to book everything through it."

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