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US consumers will spend a whopping $150b on holiday travel

United States consumers will spend a whopping $150 billion on holiday travel this year.

A study by NerdWallet has revealed that residents of the US will drop the hefty sum on getting around or away during the festive period.

It was revealed that price is more important when choosing flights, with 39 per cent opting for price as the most important, whilst when it comes to hotels, 38 per cent choose price over amenities.

NerdWallet's personal finance expert Kimberly Palmer said: "Uncertainty about the economy isn't stopping Americans from spending significantly on holiday travel this season: Travellers say they will spend almost $1,400 on flights and hotels.

Whilst NerdWallet's Erin El Issa added: "It's not always financially realistic to travel to see family and buy them extravagant gifts, so it's important to prioritise what's most important to you. If you love showering your family and friends with presents, it might make sense to ship the gifts and visit during a cheaper time of the year. Or maybe you can limit gift-giving to just the children in the family or not do gifts at all, and prioritise paying for travel so you can spend time with your loved ones. Figure out how much you feel comfortable spending on the holidays and decide how you want to spend it."

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