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Travellers looking for luxury should go off the beaten track

Travellers looking for luxury are encouraged to go off the beaten track.

The annual Virtuoso Luxe Report has revealed that for 2020, visiting "untouristed and unexpected" destinations was a great way to find luxury as well as completing trips where they would experience different countries.

They wrote in their report: "With some favourite destinations seeing an untenable rise in demand, the well-traveled luxury set is seeking remote, unspoiled destinations to avoid crowds at over-touristed locales. Virtuoso advisors report a rise in requests for places ranging from the culturally distinct to those steeped in nature, including Borneo, Greenland, and Oman ... Travellers are heeding the advice of well-informed Virtuoso advisors, who encourage clients to explore multiple countries, even during shorter journeys. Trips that mix locales are trending, especially ones with surprising combinations. Travellers may pair a ski adventure with a beach finale, or a city stay with a jungle adventure, or a well-traveled place followed by a little-known spot to mingle with locals. The focus is on varied experiences that enrich the trip with each stop."

Culinary travel has also become popular and is expected to continue in 2020.

They added in their report: "Culinary travel has transcended "trend" to become its own niche, with amazing food and drink now considered essential to any trip. Cooking classes, eating in private homes, Michelin-starred restaurants, farm-to-table visits, truffle hunting - culinary experiences are as varied as travellers themselves, and allow foodies to go beyond a seat at the table. Dining has become such a focus that some travellers are requesting restaurant reservations at the same time they book their flights - sometimes even before."

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